Little House on the Prairie: The Complete Series Deluxe Remastered Edition Gift Set Available on DVD October 6

Lionsgate is releasing the complete series of Little House on the Prairie on October 6 on DVD only.

Lionsgate Press Release

The Entire Beloved TV Series With Fully Restored Picture And Sound Arrives In A Limited Edition “Little House” DVD Gift Set On October 6

Relive every touching moment of the family-favorite series with Laura, Pa and the entire Ingalls family when Little House on the Prairie: The Complete Series Deluxe Remastered Edition Gift Set arrives on DVD October 6th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The 48-disc set features all nine fully restored and remastered seasons, including the original broadcast-length episodes and eight hours of bonus material. A wonderful holiday gift for both new and returning fans of the timeless show, the collection is presented in an iconic “Little House” package, featuring a recreation of the Ingalls family home.

Little House on the Prairie: The Complete Series Deluxe Remastered Edition Gift Set

Fall in love again with the classic TV series that celebrates family, faith and the human spirit, and enjoy the nine-season saga with vividly restored picture and sound. Completely uncut and remastered, this 48-disc set features all nine seasons and is packed with eight hours of bonus material, including the 96-minute original pilot movie, a cast screen test with Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert, the six-part  “The ‘Little House’ Phenomenon” documentary that takes a historical look back at the acclaimed series and three movie specials. Little House on the Prairie: The Complete Series Gift Set will be available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $149.98


  • Pilot Movie
  • Original Screen Test featuring Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert
  • Six-Part “The ‘Little House’ Phenomenon” Documentary
  • “The ‘Little House’ Phenomenon: Part One – A Place in Television History”
  • “The ‘Little House’ Phenomenon: Part Two – In the Beginning…”
  • “The ‘Little House’ Phenomenon: Part Three – Casting Walnut Grove”
  • “The ‘Little House’ Phenomenon: Part Four – A Day in the Life of ‘Little House’”
  • “The ‘Little House’ Phenomenon: Part Five – Stories to Remember”
  • “The ‘Little House’ Phenomenon: Part Six – A Lasting Legacy”
  • “Look Back to Yesterday” Movie Special
  • “Bless All the Dear Children” Movie Special
  • “The Last Farewell” Movie Special

*Subject to change

Click here to order the complete series on DVD from Amazon


6 thoughts on “Little House on the Prairie: The Complete Series Deluxe Remastered Edition Gift Set Available on DVD October 6”

  1. “or to continue the single season releases on Blu-ray past season six”
    Very disappointing 😦
    I ordered all six seasons on Blu-ray and I live in Germany. So I always had to pay some amount for s&h.
    And now ypou don´t want to release the rest of the series on Blu-ray?

  2. The decision was made by Lionsgate. This site is not officially affiliated with Lionsgate or Little House on the Prairie. We just write about the series and provide information about new Blu-ray and DVD releases of the series.

    I personally have the first six seasons on Blu-ray and all nine seasons on Vudu Digial HD. I’m disappointed that there is currently no way to get the final three movies in HD even though they’ve already been remastered in HD. I provided a DVD link for people who have been buying the Deluxe Remastered Editions on DVD, but I won’t be buying any DVDs myself.

    I hope Lionsgate eventually changes their mind and continues the Blu-ray releases.

  3. This is a major disappointment little house is one of the best if not the best series on television.please reconsider on behalf of the millions who treasure this show

  4. I was looking forward to buying the complete blu-ray set as well. How disappointing. We love the Little House series and own the Complete Deluxe Remastered Edition on iTunes. While it’s a great version of the show, the Blu-ray Discs would have been a wonderful upgrade and a cherished gift to family and friends.

  5. I love this series and used to watch it everyday after school as a kid. I’m from Europe though so I am very anxious to know whether this new collection will be viewable in all regions or only region 1? Hope you can help me clear this up 😁 thanks.

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