The first seven seasons of Little House on the Prairie have been released on Blu-ray and the show has never looked better.  This is an unofficial fan site that covers all things about the Little House on the Prairie television series and we will post information about the new Blu-ray/DVD releases including screenshots, restored scenes and much more.  For those of you new to Blu-ray and HDTV, I will include posts to help you understand it all.


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  1. Hi,

    I’m a big fan of this series. May I ask if the digital version will have a sale soon? I’m quite interested in purchasing the complete series.

    1. Most digital services charge $20 per season in HD, but Vudu has a bundle deal where you can buy the whole series for $69. I haven’t heard about any upcoming sales, but in the past they have run one or two day sales where the price went below $69. Here is the link.


      There are three options. HDX is 1080p, HD is 720p, and SD is 480p. HDX also gives you access to HD and SD and is usually the same price as HD.

  2. Our children’s festival is celebrating all things Garth Williams in 2017 and we would love to show the 1974 pilot movie in our historic theatre downtown but we have to find out who holds the theatrical rights to the TV show to get permission to show it in a movie theatre. Who should I contact about this?

  3. I have seasons 1-9 will there be a disc for the last farewell cause the special one that has it has the two DVDs that r already included in the set!

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